Caledonia Yawl

The Caledonia Yawl is also designed by designer Scottish resident Iain Oughtred.  The design is based on the design principles of traditional fishing vessels used on the sea near the Shetland Islands, which in turn were influenced by the beautiful open Norwegian boats.  These beautiful sailboats sail wonderful and possess a relatively high level of seaworthiness.

Primarily Iain Oughtred designed these boats for construction out of wood and epoxy, but we discussed with him the option of construction with marine grade aluminum AlMg4.5Mn, because of its strength, durability and low maintenance features.

Because aluminum appears relatively cold, we coat the exterior with black epoxy and we surface blast the interior with glass pearls to give it a non-slip off white surface texture.  The loose parts such as floor boards, benches, mast and boom, rudder and tiller are made from selective wood products.  The assembly with the brown sails broadcasts an attractive traditional appeal.

For the Caledonia Yawl Iain Oughtred designed four different sail plans.  We think that the lug mainsail and the triangular mizzen sail are the most beautiful, but upon request we can deliver each sail plan option.

Thanks to the light weight and the centerboard it is easy to haul the boat by trailer.  Even with a hinged deck trailer the Yawl can be launched from a shallow bank.  Once in the water it takes only minutes to be ready for sailing, thanks to the simple lugsail rigging and absence of stays.

We find the shared beauty and functionality of this boat the most attractive.  The ease of transport, the simplicity of launching and rigging and relatively good seaworthiness create a multi-faceted boat.  All kinds of interesting regions become accessible, such as the Danish Limfjords, the Scottish West Coast, the Waddensea etc..

The last year and a half, whenever we can, have sailed our demo boat.  We have experienced all imaginable weather conditions and we conclude that when the sail is taken in at the proper time, conditions can be handled.  Yet during mild weather conditions the boat sails remarkably well, due to the large sail area and the stylish design of the hull.
In short a boat to sail often and to be enjoyed. We deliver the boat in sail ready condition, but for the do-it-yourself customer we can deliver the hull, ether painted and or blasted with glass pearls.

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