The Visdiefje  is a design of our own, where the premise was to develop a small but robust sailboat with the same style and characteristics as the Zwarte Stern.  This is to say a small but all weather boat with excellent sailing features and a beautiful traditional appearance and suitable for severe weather conditions on open water.

This is why the boat is relatively wide and designed with a good dose of freeboard and a centerboard of 220 lbs. that reaches far below the garboard strake.  Below the front and rear deck are airtight buoyancy compartments that deliver 2200 lbs. of lift, with their 291 gallons of volume.  Below the 10 inches wide gangways are storage compartments.

The rigging has a free standing mast with a lugsail.  This rigging is the zenith of simplicity and functionality.  Both our experiences with this rigging on the Caledonia Yawl and the Tirrik have been wonderful.  Contrary to common believe, a lugsail can sail close to the wind and broad reach and downwind with perfect results.  An optional stainless steel bowsprit for a small jib is available.

Thanks to the ready to sail weight of 1100 lbs. the Visdiefje is easy to haul on a trailer and the simple rigging enables the traveler to be on the water in minutes.  In combination with the possibility of sailing safely on open water beautiful regions such as the Swedish coast, the Danish Limfjorden, the Scottish West Coast, etc. are within reach.

Like all our open boats, The Visdiefje is built from Marine Grade Aluminum and has an exterior black epoxy coating.  The decks and interior are blasted with glass pearls to provide a pleasing non-slip surface.
Sparring, floor boards, benches, and tiller are lacquered wood.

Visdiefje basic

The Visdiefje is also available with a basic finish. In this case the inside of the aluminum of the hull is untreated and the decks are grinded very fine to provide a non-slip surface.
The other difference with the standard boat are the aluminum spars instead of Oregon pine spars.

View our demonstration boat which may be available for a test ride.

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