Zwarte Stern


The Black Tern is our design and was developed from an idea to create an open sailboat with a centerboard which is also suited to safely sail on open waters during severe weather condition.  Simultaneously the boat had to have excellent sailing characteristics had to maintain traditional appearance and possess sturdy design lines.

The Black Tern is a robust and wide boat with sufficient freeboard.  The boat can be hauled by trailer and can be discharged into the water by means of a trailer ramp.  Furthermore the boat is well equipped with dry stowage room for those who wish do touring.  The canvas cover provides overnight cover in the cockpit and sleeping arrangements.

The entire hull is constructed from 5/32” marine grade aluminum.  Front and rear of the boat have buoyancy compartments with a combined lift of about 3527 Lb.  The black Tern has a streamlined aluminum centerboard with 265 Lbs. lead counterweight.

Thanks to this serious weight the boat sails more or less like a keel boat and prevents having to sit on the gangway during every gust of wind.  The rudder is also made from aluminum but has a streamline blade that can be raised.  The rigging in its simplest form has a gaff main and jib.  An optional bowsprit is available for a genaker

As in the Tirrik and the Caladonia Yawl, the exterior of the Black Tern is coated with black epoxy and the decks and interior are blasted with glass pearls to create the none slip surfaces and the off white aluminum coloring.  Floor boards, benches, tiller, and rigging are constructed from larch, oak, ashen, and Oregon pine respectively.

View our demonstration boat which may be available for a test ride.

The Black Tern is available in “ready to sail” and unfinished condition depending on the preferences of the buyer.

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