Welcome to the website of boatyard De Zeeg

On the several pages of our website you can find information about our company, our activities and the boats we build.
As a matter of course  the information is never complete and up to date.
So don’t hesitate if you have questions or want more information to contact us.
You can mail us, call us or visit  our yard where we usually are at work and most of the time are present several boats build by us.

You can also take a look at the Dutch part of our website, which is usually more up to date and where you can find more pictures.

Demo sailboats

Caledonia yawl

This boat sailed only a few times and is in a brand-new condition.
The boat is rigged with a tanbark coloured  lugsail and a small triangular mizzen.
The spars are made of glued oregon pine clear and better and are very well varnished.
More information of this boat and more pictures you can find on our website under‘’Open sailboats’’.


Zwarte Stern

We build this boat in 2009 and since then used this boat for demonstration activities.
We also used the boat for our own holidays and for day sailing.
The boat is in a very good condition and is rigged with oregon spars and a tanbark coloured gaff sail.
The boat has a canvas cover that makes it possible to sleep on board. The Zwarte Stern can easily be transported by trailer, has excellent sailing characteristics and is suited to sail on open waters during severe weather condition.
More information and pictures you can find on our website under ‘’Open sailboats’’.

Now we offer this boat for € 14.950,=.

Options are an outboard motor and extra foresails.

The Zwarte Stern

Our earliest creation was the design of the Zwarte Stern.  View a clip at:


additional information about the Zwarte Stern is listen under Open Sailboats

Our latest design : “Visdiefje” i.e. Common Tern.

“Visdiefje” is an original design where we focused our attention on creating a smaller but robust sailboat with the same styling and characteristics of the” Zwarte Stern”.  This is to say a smaller but rugged boat with excellent sailing characteristics, a stylish exterior and suitable for sailing under more severe weather conditions in open waters.

View our list prices under Specifications and Prices under Open sailboats at the bottom of each model specification.