De Zeeg is the Dutch word for “sheer “.  This shipyard is a small family business in Steenwijk located in the northern part of the province of Overijssel in The Netherlands where Rob Bouma in 1991 and later joined by his son Jelle, established Bouma Ship Repairs, but in 2005 we changed the name to “De Zeeg” because most of the business concentrated on new ship building.

In the passing years we produced tens of hulls for utility vessels such as dredgers, mowers, and harvesting vessels for the thatcher.  All kinds of small and large repair and renovation work as well as brand new construction orders have been completed at our shipyard.  For example:  a variety utility vessels have received a replacement bottom and we replaced the entire bottom section of a “Hasselteraak”.  We completely renovated the top section of a Dutch barge.  Our services were rendered during the renovation of a former fishing trawler into a pleasure boat, where we renewed the steering house, deck cabin, the decks and the engine foundation.
For  Shipyard “De Deining Platbodems” we built several Dutch traditional fisherman boats “Zeeschouw” of about 35 feet in length complete with stainless hardware and all appurtenances such as the mast foot, bolders, vents etc.

Since 2006 we expanded our line of work with elegantly shaped sailboats made out of aluminum.  Thus far we have developed two designs of “Iain Oughtred”.  These are the Caledonia Yawl and the Tirrik.  We also designed two sailboats in house.  These are “de Zwarte Stern” and “Visdiefje”.  We hope to develop more models for an enthusiastic market and plan to produce them either out of aluminum or steel.

Our vision dictates that a boat must have elegant lines and has to possess excellent sailing characteristics.  We prefer a plain but functionally equipped boat and must primarily be built for intense use under virtually all circumstances and be a low maintenance vessel.  Hence our affection for boats that lend their design from utility vessels such as Dutch fishing boats, but especially the ships from traditional shore communities along the Norwegian and British coastline.

Shipyard “De Zeeg” specializes in the construction of steel and aluminum.  We can service ships above the waterline up to about 130 feet.  In our workshop we repair and build ships up to 35 feet.  Each commission receives our utmost attention and dedication until complition.