The Tirrik is the smaller sibling of the Caledonia Yawl and a design by the Scottish resident and designer Iain Oughtred.  The hull is constructed of marine grade aluminum and the loose components are constructed from wood.  The standard design has a  lugsail and mast without stays.  However there is a version where the mast has stays and a gaff mainsail and jib are used.  The boat is an excellent raid-boat because it is also easy to row.

The lugsail rigging tops the simplicity and functionality of the boat and maintains excellent sailing characteristics.  Also during worsening weather conditions when the sail is taken in sailing remains a pleasure.

The Tirrik is well suited for transportation by trailer and makes it possible to reach the most beautiful sailing regions.  Tirrik is a multifaceted boat with excellent sailing characteristics and easy to handle by almost anybody.  We believe Tirrik is simply beautiful and its owner can enjoy it for years to come.

We can diliver the Tirrik in ready to sail or for those who enjoy finishing the woodwork we can deliver the plan hull, which in turn we offer with the option of being painted and blasted.

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